With a growing selection of design trends, eco-friendly materials, and talented local builders, investing in a home addition is easier than ever. From adding new rooms and additional bathrooms to second-story expansions and patio extensions, there is a seemingly endless supply of design choices.

But are home additions an excellent long-term investment? Are certain types of remodeling projects more financially beneficial than others?

In this blog post, Cloud Nine Construction’s experienced remodeling contractors will discuss how home additions can increase your property value. We highlight some popular strategies for boosting your home’s value in the long run and outline the most valuable additions.

What Is a Home Addition?

Before diving into the different types of home additions and discussing the value added by particular types of remodeling projects, we think it’s important to clarify what constitutes a home addition.

Home additions are distinct from remodeling projects and renovations in that they expand the footprint of your home rather than modifying an existing space. Renovations typically focus on updating the style, layout, or features of specific areas, whereas additions increase the home’s functional living space and square footage.

How Home Additions Boost Property Value

For the most part, home additions inherently boost your property value because they expand the size, functionality, and square footage of your home. Whether it’s through adding an extra bathroom or story, home additions can make your property stand out on the market and potentially increase its resale value.

Depending on your local zoning laws and proximity to other homes, the types of additions you’re allowed to do may be restricted. However, some of the most common ways that additions improve your property value are by increasing aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and total space.

Architectural Enhancements Strengthen Your Home’s Curb Appeal

One of the most significant ways that a home addition can boost your property value is through strengthening its curb appeal. A standalone addition or new level of your home can enhance its aesthetic appeal through its unique, eye-grabbing architectural design.

Well-designed porches, eye-catching sunrooms, and thoughtful second-story expansions can create a lasting impression and elevate the aesthetic charm of your property. When your home has increased curb appeal, it can stand out in the neighborhood and give your property a unique character.

It Pays to Invest in Green Home Renovations and Expansion

Home additions that increase the energy efficiency of your property are also in demand and can vastly improve its resale and market value. Renovations and expansions that utilize eco-friendly materials or add features like energy-efficient windows, solariums, and green roofs can have a long-lasting impact and make your property appealing to a broader range of buyers.

Although green construction and eco-friendly materials can be a little more expensive, they often have improved durability and can save you money in the long run. Environmentally conscious additions will add significant value to your property and are an investment worth considering.

Increase Your Home’s Functional Square Footage

Lastly, the most typical way home additions enhance property value is by increasing the available functional square footage. Adding more bedrooms or bathrooms, creating a versatile office space, and even extending your kitchen can directly impact your home’s market value.

Square footage is an important metric for homebuyers, but even more important is the way that square footage is used. Spacious rooms and living areas that can accommodate storage and entertainment needs are in high demand. By expanding your home’s size, you’ll get more use out of it and improve the resale value for when you’re ready to move on.

Common additions that increase your square footage include the following:

  • Bedroom additions
  • Bathroom additions
  • Kitchen extensions
  • Home office extensions
  • Sunroom or enclosed porch additions
  • Mudroom additions
  • Second-story additions
  • Basement expansions

Navigating Permits: Keep Your Home Improvement Project Compliant

Whether you’re taking a DIY approach or hiring a professional, ensuring your home addition complies with local regulations and building codes is essential. Navigating permits and acquiring the requisite approvals safeguards you, your home, and your community.

It’s imperative that you research and understand the zoning requirements and feasibility of your project before breaking ground on the addition. Planning ahead and securing permits will help you avoid project setbacks and costly fines.

Keeping your addition legal and code-compliant is a critical first step to increasing the value of your property.

What Types of Home Additions Add the Most Value?

If you’re set on completing a home addition but aren’t sure where to start, take the time to conduct a thorough needs assessment and consider what types of additions will increase your home’s value. If you’re investing in an addition to improve your home’s functionality, look to options that increase usable space and serve a specific purpose.

If you’re looking to maximize your property value ahead of a sale, you should consider investing in one of the following:

  • Extra bedroom/guest room
  • Bathrooms on every floor
  • Kitchen storage expansion
  • Home office for remote work
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • A four-season room
  • Guest house or standalone structure

The surest way to increase the value of your home through an addition is to supplement missing features. Add a water closet or second-floor bathroom if you only have one bathroom. If you lack a separate cooking and dining area, consider extending your kitchen to include both.

Tailoring your addition to meet the unique needs of your household and keeping an eye on trends that may appeal to future buyers ensures your investment accommodates your lifestyle while adding lasting value to your home.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for home additions, but considering how to maximize your space while appealing to potential buyers can help you maximize your investment.

Trust an Experienced Home Remodeling Company to Maximize ROI

At Cloud Nine Construction, our team of licensed builders, talented developers, and friendly customer service representatives have extensive experience creating one-of-a-kind home additions. From our meticulous attention to detail to our passion for sustainable home remodeling, you can trust that your next addition will be in good hands when you partner with us.

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