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Cloud Nine Construction stands out as the premier home addition specialist in the region. If you’re looking to enhance your living area with a remarkable room addition, trust our skilled, experienced, and dedicated experts to deliver outstanding results.

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Bathroom Additions: What You Need to Know

Whether you want to increase your home’s re-sale value or just add a new room to your existing home, a bathroom addition is an effective and efficient way of achieving this end. However, that being said, three important points to consider include:

Full Baths Over Half Baths

Recent research indicates that adding a half bath to your home will increase its value by 10%. However, the addition of a full bath will offer a value increase of 20% for your home.

Know Your Neighborhood

The reality is that if you live in one of the nicest neighborhoods in town, then adding a bathroom worth $20,000 may actually result in diminishing returns rather than any real benefit for your home.

Weigh the Intangibles

If unhappy family members are standing in line to share a bathroom, you may not care whether you fully recoup the cost of the new addition in any future re-sale. So, while it is important to ensure that you are aware of the costs of new additions and renovations, the reality is that you can’t always put a price tag on your family’s harmony.

Our Comprehensive House Extensions

From start to finish, we manage the entire house extension project, ensuring your experience is seamless and stress-free. During the whole process, we take every measure to guarantee your satisfaction with our work. When you choose us, we commit to carrying out every aspect of the process, which includes:

  • Arriving on time
  • Provide speedy and efficient work
  • Use top-notch tools, equipment, and materials
  • Checking in with you
  • Cleaning up after ourselves
  • Quality check

Our dedication to delivering outstanding work and ensuring customer satisfaction is what makes us the locally preferred choice.

Preliminary Room Addition Assessments

Whether you’ve already planned a house addition or are still in the process of gathering inspiration, your home deserves excellence. Ensuring that you receive precisely what you need for such a significant investment is crucial.

For optimal service from our team, we suggest arranging an assessment session with our contractors. They will evaluate your existing property, discuss potential options, and collaborate on a plan tailored to your budget, preferences, and schedule. Following this crucial step, they will provide you with a precise written estimate that details all mutually agreed-upon aspects.

Home Addition Service Near Me

When it comes to adding a new room or whole floor to your home, you need to invest in a tried and trusted home addition service that you can really rely on. Cloud Nine Construction’s wealth of experience and commitment to excellence does just that.